Buy land in Dholera - Double your money in 6 months - Ahmedabad

Sunday, 10 April 2011

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City: Ahmedabad, Gujarat
Offer type: Sell
Price: Rs 800,000
Land Square, m²:17500


Contact name Nilesh
Phone 7738332226

Item description

DHOLERA SIR, Gujarat -lands for Sale @ very reasonable price
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Following Lands available for Sale:
Sandhida - Survey No. 272/1,2, Juni Sharat, 24 Vigha (Bigha), Industrial Zone, Price: 8-10 lacs / Vigha
Dholera- Survey No. 111, 112, 174 (Part) , Juni Sharat, 31 Vigha (Bigha), Industrial Zone, Price: 8-10 lacs / Vigha
Dholera- Survey No. 98 (Part) , Juni Sharat, 47.63 Vigha (Bigha), Industrial Zone, Price: 10-12 lacs / Vigha
Panchi- Survey No. 75 , Juni Sharat, 14 Vigha (Bigha), High Access Corridor Zone, Price: 8-10 lacs / Vigha
Ambli – Survey No. 18 (Part), Juni Sharat, 8 Vigha (Bigha), Public Facility Zone, MAIN ROAD TOUCH, Price: 10-12 lacs / Vigha.

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About Dholera SIR
Dholera SIR a part of Dehli Mumbai Industrial Corridor (DMIC - being developed by Govt. of India), covering around 360 Sq. Km which is even bigger than the world class infrastructure "SENZHEN" - (CHINA).
First time in the history, a new city is planned in a different method by Govt. of Gujarat.
It is about 100 Kms away from Ahmedabad and it will be connected by 6 lane Highway and Metro Rail (high speed railway).
An International Airport is also being developed at Navagam - approx. 80 Km from Ahmedabad.
Land for developing the same has already been acquired.
Dholera SIR is planned in total 22 villages of Dholera and surrounding areas.
Three Giant Companies which are the Anchor Tenants are going to invest a huge big amount in Dholera SIR. These companies are :- (1) M/s. Hindustan Construction Company (HCC) investing Rs. 30,000 Crore (2) Shabbir Bhatia - Nano City is investing Rs. 30,000 Crore and M/s. Universal Success Group, a Singapore based company is investing Rs. 40,000 Crore. i.e. in total investment of around 1 lakh crore is being done by these three companies and they are on the verge of starting the execution of their projects and investments.
With a perspective of 5 to 10 years one can safely invest in Dholera SIR and can have fantastic appreciation (multiplication of your money).
You can invest in Dholera SIR i.e. Land admeasuring from 10 Vighas and more upto 1000 Vighas (and even more).
This is a GOLDEN OPPORTUNITY which comes once in a lifetime.
Price of land starting at Rs. 10 lakh per Vigha and above.
For your information 1 Vigha = 1619 Sq. Mts = 1936 Sq. Yard. (N. B. Prices are being increased day by day). DO NOT MISS THIS OPPORTUNITY AND DECIDE FAST FOR THE INVESTMENT.
GOLDEN OPPORTUNITY to Invest (Buy / Sell Land) in "DHOLERA" - SPECIAL INVESTMENT REGION (SIR) declared by Govt of Gujarat.